About us
IT-academy LOGOS has been on the market for over 11 years. During this time, we have produced tens of thousands of specialists who are successfully employed in IT companies around the world. Our path was not easy, but all the efforts were worth it.

Today Logos IT Academy is one of the largest and most recognizable modern IT training centers in Ukraine. And we open branches all over the world.

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We have more than fifty different courses taught by mentors and specialists from such well-known IT companies as SoftServe, EPAM, Elex, Symphony Solutions, Gameloft and many other world leaders. All teachers of the Academy are practicing specialists, which is why you can not only learn technology but also learn from experience.

The Logos IT Academy team, together with leading IT companies, is constantly updating courses. Also, training at the Academy is complex, namely, studying the necessary technology stack to start a career in IT from scratch to starting work in a company.
Correspond to the title of the Leader among the educational platforms of the IT direction, scale the company to the world level.

Our goal

- create the future of IT-sphere
- to give students an understanding that the IT world is not so far away and is ready to accept them
- provide IT companies with professional staff

Our mission

To create an innovative and technological educational platform for a better future for the Earth and humanity

Our vision

What is our secret?
There really is no secret. We provide quality continuing education and start from the basics.

I am sure that before choosing a future profession, you need to determine your own abilities and desires. We not only teach from 0 in more than 20 specialties, we also give you to try different areas in practice for free.

With us you will join the global initiative of like-minded people and contribute to the development of the technological world!

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