Basics of Java Development
We will tell you about the nuances of the profession and help you choose the right path at the start
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Free course Basics of Java development in Chicago

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What awaits you at the Basics of Java Development course?

What do you get upon successful completion of the course?

Find out if the job of a programmer is right for you

We will tell you why the work of a programmer is interesting and difficult at the same time. Learn the basics of web development and develop your first mini-project.

Make a skill map and development plan for the next 6 months

You will have a vector in order to achieve the desired goal within a given time frame. It remains to choose the option: on your own or with Logos Java Academy.

Discount for a comprehensive course

After completing the free course, you will receive a discount of UAH 1,000, which you can use to study on a comprehensive course.



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17.00 – 19.30

27 июня

Course program

Free Java basics courses consist of 5 lessons with the necessary theory and practice!
Computer and its main components
  • Storage device.
  • Input devices.
  • Output devices.
  • Computer peripherals.
Number systems
  • Binary.
  • Eightfold.
  • Hexadecimal.
  • Work with them.
Typology of programming languages
  • Functional.
  • Object-oriented.
  • Aspect-oriented.
  • Script.
  • Procedural.
  • The concept of algorithm and its meaning.
  • Types of algorithms.
  • The main components of the algorithm.
  • Construction of algorithms.
Arithmetic operations. Data types. Variables
  • Strictly typed and not strictly typed programming languages, differences.
  • Data types.
  • Creating, declaring, initializing variables.
Syntactic constructions, building a program with their help
  • Conditional constructions (if, else if, else, switch).
  • Loops (while, do while, for).
  • One-dimensional and multidimensional arrays, work with them.
  • Foreach cycle.

How are the lessons going?

The student attends the lesson and completes assignments for independent study. There is a possibility of support in a telegram chat or at a general consultation in the format of a webinar through the Zoom application. application.
Offline at the Academy according to the selected schedule in Chicago. Logos IT Academy classrooms are equipped with everything you need - modern technology and wireless internet.
Online from anywhere in the world. Upon successful registration, you will have access to a personal account and telegram chat for communication with mentors and online consultations.





Online registration

Every day we receive about 30 applications for one place! We can take only the most motivated. Leave a request and find out the details!
The course has a rating system, where the best student will receive a gift from the academy - a certificate for a 70% discount and an English course relevant to the student's level.

For the first place you get:
  • Certificate of 70% discount on training in any course
  • English language course
  • Powerbank

Gamification of learning

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How to develop after the introductory course?

Comprehensive Java Developer course
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To make sure you have become a full-fledged IT professional and help you find a desired job.

Our goal

Today we are creating an innovative educational platform to extend the future opportunities of Ukraine in the IT industry.

Our mission

To correspond to the title № 1 among educational platforms of IT orientation, to be recognized as a leader, to scale the company to the international level.

Our vision

Logos IT Academy is:

A team of the best specialists, where everyone appreciates their creative potential.
The company that creates the future of IT. This is the newest training center which aims to develop IT education in USA.
A place for a community of like-minded people who help and support each other in all endeavors.


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The company of the future

What do the graduates say about us?

20 000 ++ students have already studied with us and chosen their IT profession!
Do you want to become a programmer? Why should you choose a programming language - Java?
You can answer these questions after a week-long free introductory Java development course from Logos IT Academy in Chicago! And that is not all!

During the classes, you will hear the perspectives of working as a programmer, you will be able to communicate with practicing Java developers and even try your hand. In addition, you will master the basics of the most popular programming language - Java and write the first tapes of code. The result of the course will be the first created program, and an understanding of whether it is worth developing in IT!

We are sure that in order to decide on such a step, you need to try. And after that, you will be able to understand if you want to be a developer and learn Java.

Don't miss the opportunity to start your career as an IT specialist, learn everything and even more in the free introductory course "Java Development Fundamentals" and get learning materials for free!

Questions and answers

What is the format of the course - online or offline?
At the academy, an introductory free course on the Fundamentals of Programming is conducted in 2 formats: stationary in Chicago, and online throughout USA. Choose what suits you. In the online format, there will be live broadcasts of classes with a teacher.
Is it only theory or practice as well?
Each lesson is divided into 2 conditional parts - theoretical and practical. Theory is necessary so that you can navigate in the initial terms and move on to practice. Each session of the course will cover many practical tasks where you can understand the application of everything learned. As a percentage, 25% theory and 75% practice.
How long will the study last?
The training will last 5 days, from Monday to Friday every day. The duration of the lesson is approximately 1.5 hours. During this course, you are introduced to the basic basics of Java programming: data types, variables, syntax constructs, and logical operations. Get ready for intensive training, which is sure to bring cool results. Already from the first lessons you will be able to feel like a programmer and create your first program.
Will there be one or more teachers on the course?
All teachers are practitioners, ready-made specialists, and most importantly, able to share knowledge and experience with beginners. Mostly on the course there is one mentor with whom you will go the whole way of the weekly intensive in an interesting and productive way. Follow all the instructions and homework and the result will not keep you waiting.
How to register for a course?
To register for a weekly free IT programming basics course in Chicago, you must fill out the registration form and provide all relevant data. After that, the curator of the training will contact you and tell you about all the details of the course.