How to become a Java developer?

June 24
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"How to become a Java developer?"

The webinar will take place on June 24 at 19:30.
At the webinar you will learn:
Java developer: who is it?
Java developer career: how to get first experience on a project? Where to start learning Java?
The difference between Ukrainian and international IT companies.
10 essential skills for a Java developer to get into an international IT company.
Java programmer's income throughout his career.
How to earn the first $3k/month in an international IT company as a Java Developer?
What famous services are developed in Java?
You can ask any question on this topic and get recommendations.
We are sure that at the event you will set goals and receive information with which you can achieve them!

Webinar speaker

Marchenko Artem - Java Software Engineer

- Java software engineer at GetBus
- 5+ years of experience in IT (Front-end, Back-end, Desktop development)
- Lecturer at Logos IT Academy
- Java developer in coach company.
- Development ticket selling software and integration for tickets online booking services.
- Implementation of online payment system.
- Implementation online payment system.

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Questions and answers

Why should you learn Java?
This is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, on which the backend of many known platforms, web pages, online stores, and programs is written.

Java also dominates the development of enterprise systems, websites for large commercial facilities and mobile applications. There are more than 10 million Java developers and 3 billion devices in the world that use Java.
Is it possible to learn this language if I don't know anything and don't have a mathematical mindset?
Our comprehensive course is designed for beginners, so you can easily master new knowledge and skills without experience in this area. The course program is designed so that you will learn technologies step by step, moving from the basic level to the Advanced one.
Can I take the course if I don't know English?
Knowledge of English will usually be a bonus, but you can start learning Java programming without a high level of English. And in the future, we recommend that you simultaneously improve your language skills for quick employment in IT.
What skills should a Java specialist have?
Every Java specialist starts their journey as a Trainee or Junior. The program of the comprehensive course takes into account all the specific requirements for candidates. Accordingly, having successfully completed the course, you will be able to apply for entry-level positions in an IT company. Of course, logical thinking, practicality, good communication skills and a high level of English will be a plus.
What kind of computer is needed for learning?
For effective training, a computer with average characteristics is enough.

As an example, a Core i5 processor and higher, 8 GB+ RAM, and a 128 GB SSD drive will be quite optimal.

A bonus for those who study full-time is that we provide all the equipment for training.