How to start a career as a Frontend developer?

June 24
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How to become a Frontend developer?

The webinar will take place on June 24 at 19:30.
At the webinar you will learn:
How to create cool websites and web applications?
How to start your career as a front-end developer and how to get the first job offer?
Web developer: who is it?
Career for Web Developer: how to get the first experience in the project.
The difference between Ukrainian and international IT companies.
10 important skills for a Web Developer to get into an international IT company.
How to earn the first $3,000 in an international IT company as a Web Developer.
You can ask any question on this topic and get recommendations.
We are sure that at the event you will set goals and receive information with which you can achieve them!

Webinar speaker

Zhuk Petro - Senior Software Engineer

- Software Engineer at Picket Homes
- 8+ years of experience in IT (Front-end, Back-end, Desktop development)
- The author of the course editor at Logos IT Academy
- Speaker for over 50 IT events / webinars
- Senior Software Engineer, Team-Lead on Enterprise projects in the USA
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Questions and answers

What does a frontend developer do?
Development of a client or public part of a web page with which the user can interact directly. This is writing websites in JavaScript. In addition, a Frontend developer can create and program internal corporate systems, networks, mobile applications and automotive applications. Thus, JavaScript is one of the most demanded languages in the world.
Will I be hired when I finish the course?
After completing the course, you will be a full-fledged Trainee/Junior specialist, who will already have the first project in his portfolio. On the course, you will master all the necessary technical skills to apply for vacancies in an IT company. Also, our HR and Recruiters will help you improve your Soft skills in finding your first job.
Do I need to know English to take the course?
Knowing English will definitely not hurt you! Therefore, we recommend that our students study technical English at the same time. We have courses for different levels and areas. After passing a free test to determine the level, the English curator will select the relevant group for you. Thus, you will get the maximum result from the completed classes and material.
What programming language is taught in this course?
The front-end programming language is JavaScript. Also on the course you will learn HTML / CSS, popular frameworks and databases.
What framework do you teach?
In the course, you will learn one of the two most popular frameworks - Angular and React.