In 4 months you will get the required profession of UI/UX Designer and get a job in IT company with a salary of $500
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80 hours / 4 months
$1750 / 4 months


ui ux дизайн
веб дизайн
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Why is UI/UX Design a good career choice?

The IT market is constantly growing! UI/UX Designer is one of the most popular and highly paid professions in Tech Industry.

A growing number of vacancies

Due to the high demand for IT professionals, the salary of UI/UX Designer around the world is constantly and steadily growing.

High salary

Comfortable working conditions, social package and flexible schedule are benefits you get with the profession of UI/UX Designer.

Up-to-date working conditions

Opportunities for career and financial growth are almost unlimited. It is also possible to relocate to another country.

Constant career and financial growth

Why Logos UI/UX Academy?

Study, work, travel! Get the opportunity to improve quality of your life

Cool IT lifestyle

We send resumes of successful graduates in more than 200 IT companies


More than 7,000 participants + a discount card in more than 1,000 stores, services and establishments

Like-minded people

During the course, students accumulate points and receive prizes after completing tasks!


In the process of learning, you will create your first portfolio projects


Access to all classes and home assignments in online course is provided on a dedicated platform.

Personal study room

Course program

In 4 months of study you will become a professional UI/UX Designer.
The total duration of the course is 80 hours.
  • Look at the interface.
  • Frame. Basic tools.
  • The creation of a modular grid.
  • Components
  • Test that virivnyuvannya.Creating styles.
  • Colour, gradients, photographs. Stroke and effect: blur, shade. We create styles.
  • library
  • Autolayout
  • Prototypes in Figma and intelligent animation.
  • Code panel and export
  • Plugins
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Instruments
  • Working with files and images
  • Working with layers and masks
  • Selection and masks
  • Working with layers
  • Introduction to Illustrator
  • Working with color and text
  • Patterns
  • Working with effects
After Effects
  • Introduction to After Effects
  • Working with layers
  • Plugins in After Effects
  • Work with text
UI/UX Basic
  • Introduction. Designer profession. Concept, principles, stages of development.
  • Study. Stakeholder interview and introduction to the project.
  • UX. What is it and why. Basic patterns.
  • Empathy map, personality, CJM.
  • Information architecture. Task Flow, User Flow. Low & High fidelity wireframes.
  • ui. Gerstalt. trending styles. Minimalism is hard.)
  • Fonts and font pairs + color theory.
  • Animation prototypes. Fundamentals of Motion.
  • Color theory, icons, system design.
  • Usability Fundamentals. Inclusive design. Service design.
UI/UX Advanced
  • Convenient interface
  • Usability testing
  • Service Design
  • Forms and UX Research
  • Service design case
  • Design thinking, Interaction patterns, Nielsen heuristics
  • Designing CRM systems
  • E-commerce
  • UI or visual concept
  • Design systems and patterns
  • Mobile UX/UI
  • Text in the interface
  • Animation of interface elements
  • Data driven design
  • A/B tests
  • Project work
  • Successful presentation
  • UX + Agile
  • Career in UX

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What awaits you at the UI/UX Design course?

Unlimited hours of feedback from mentors
More than 80 hours of constant learning and interaction with our experts
Accomplished project in the portfolio
The whole stack of technologies to start a career in Tech Industry
4 months of effective training
International diploma only for successful graduates


Effective learning




Learning with experts


Who is the UI/UX Designer course suitable for?

Students and adults

Students and adults who want to make a quick start in IT, pursue a successful career and earn in dollars

Those who want to change their profession

People who want to retrain and fulfill their ultimate potential in a high-paying industry

Beginner developers

Anyone who tried to learn UI/UX, but faced problems and quickly lost motivation

How is the lesson going?

Worked through the lesson
Received task
Received feedback
Corrected errors
You can study in a convenient place via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop
You always have access to webinar recordings and course materials

How will your UI/UX Designer career develop?

You leave an online application on the site and wait for a call to discuss all the details.
You now
Step 1
In 6 months
800-1 500 $
In 1-2 years
1 000-2 000 $
In 2-3 years
500-900 $
Why now?
Each subsequent set increases in price
Place in the group
Groups are almost recruited 22/30
The IT sector is now in-demand and promising as never before
Guarantee of employment and internship
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Tariff plan

Comprehensive course
Cost of education:
Full course program
40 lessons of 80 minutes each, methodical materials

Three trainings as a gift/ bonus:
- "Interview in IT"
- SCRUM project management methodology
- "How to earn the first $ 1,000 for an international freelancer UpWork"

Private telegram chat
Convenient networking, exchanging ideas and experiences with like-minded people

Steps to new achievements in the form of a game with cool prizes
Concierge service
Careful support on any issues

Task feedback and mentor support

Homework analysis
Weekly online sessions with homework analysis

Employment of successful students

Only with the successful delivery of the final project


You leave an online application on the site and wait for a call
Offline or online learning
You pay for the course in a way convenient for you

Leave an application

Choose the format

Make a payment

You learn and slowly begin to ‘take over’ the world)



How to start training?

Pay in a way convenient for you

Course results

Degree project

While studying, you will receive the entire stack of technologies to start a career in IT. All the acquired knowledge and practical development methods are summarized and applied in the final project in order to revise the material and create the first project for the portfolio!

Preparing for real life in an IT company

Diploma defense is a typical scenario that will prepare you to work as a UI/UX Designer. Developing a diploma project, you will use all the technologies you have learned during the course, as well as improve your software skills during its defense at graduation in front of our Recruitment Department and partners from IT companies.
The result of the course is a new in-demand profession of UI/UX Designer
Prestigious, in-demand, highly paid.

A new profession

Almost all classes are practical - aside from the boring theory!

4 months of practice

From the very beginning we learn to work well, we develop an approach to structuring projects.

Methods of work

Books are rapidly losing relevance, YouTube videos are not structured. During the course you will have individual task checking by the teacher, analysis of mistakes and weekly live consultations with the group.


The tester's business card and a decisive factor when hiring or working as a freelancer. During the course you will create working projects that will help get offers and orders.


At the end of the front end development course, you will have access to lessons and materials for a year, you will be able to use it at any time to update your knowledge.

Access to materials

Resume after the course

UI / UX designer is one of the most promising professions in the digital industry. To become a successful web designer, you need to develop every day, follow trends and look for new solutions.
We with a team of web designers have made the course as effective as possible, after which you will create your own portfolio and get the desired job. Based on the results of the course, you will be able to create: landings, online stores, corporate sites, mobile applications, banners, as well as work with animation.
average salary
UI/UX Designer
vacancies that suit you after the course on the site work.ua

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Who are we?
years on the market
thousand of students
of employment
To make sure you have become a full-fledged IT professional and help you find a desired job.

Our goal

Today we are creating an innovative educational platform to extend the future opportunities of Ukraine in the IT industry.

Our mission

To correspond to the title № 1 among educational platforms of IT orientation, to be recognized as a leader, to scale the company to the international level.

Our vision

Logos IT Academy is:

A team of the best specialists, where everyone appreciates their creative potential.
The company that creates the future of IT. This is the newest training center which aims to develop IT education in USA.
A place for a community of like-minded people who help and support each other in all endeavors.


Meeting point

The company of the future

Learning starts with the basics!

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Teachers and mentors

We are proud of our team!

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In order to obtain up-to-date information on training conditions, prices, etc., leave a request. Our manager will contact you shortly to answer any questions.
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What do the graduates say about us?

20 000 ++ students have already studied with us and chosen their IT profession!

Questions and answers

Do I need to be able to work in graphic editors?
The course will start at a basic level, no prior knowledge or work skills are required.

Also, the program of the comprehensive course includes work in graphic editors Photoshop and Illustrator.
What will be the training schedule?
The course is conducted in 2 formats - online and stationary. On the online course, each student forms an individual study schedule for himself. On a stationary format, you can attend classes 2 and 3 times a week, choosing a schedule that is convenient for you.
What software is required for the course?
The main practical part of training and work will take place in Figma, an online development service. All stages of installation and work in this environment will be discussed in the first lessons of the course.
Do you need to know English?
In order to study on the course, a basic level of language proficiency will be sufficient. Since this profession is one of the most demanded and popular in the IT field, in order to build a successful career and rapid growth, it is necessary to constantly improve not only technical skills, but also your English. If you hesitate and do not know what level of English you have, we invite you to take a free test to determine the level.
Will there be one teacher per course?
The course is built in blocks - from basic to advanced level. Many additional disciplines and practices are also included. Therefore, as a rule, there will be several teachers on the course with experience and skills in working with different projects in this area. We invite you to web design courses in Chicago!